All in the details


Here is some detail from the Big Green Smile. It’s going slowly, as I’ve been traveling a lot (and still have more traveling to do this month).

Learned a lot at Stitches South this past week, and got to spend time with my best friend!

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Big Green Smile


Started a shawl for my niece’s bridal shower – Celaeno, available for purchase on Ravelry. Looks like a big green smile at the moment!

I’m using some deep stash yarn (I like to call it that rather than “old” yarn – it’s been hanging around for a while, hoping it would become something pretty). The yarn is from Huggybear Knits – a Bamboo and Blue-faced Leicester blend.

I went through a mad shawl-knitting craze a while ago – nice to get back to that every now and then. (I’m still all sock-knitted out – I hope I recover soon, as I have some sock yarn I’d like to be wearing on my feet right now!)

So hot here we had to turn on the A/C – my apologies to those still deep in snow!

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Monster Feet


These are slippers for a grand-nephew. The pattern is Monster Slippers on Ravelry.

They were fun to make – I can see making these for some of the adults in my life (maybe me!)

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I’ve been working on a “Leftie” scarf – pattern available for purchase on Ravelry. I love the little short row “leaves”, and it gives me the chance to use up some of my favorite scraps of yarn – you know, the ones you couldn’t throw away even though you knew they were probably too scant to work in anywhere.

The pre-spring weather has been typically crazy – brought t-shirts as well as coats and boots for a 4-day visit to relatives in Virginia.

I also bought seeds for my first vegetable garden in a very long time – can’t wait to get things growing!

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Test knits

Every now and then I like to participate in a test knit or crochet. I find them on Ravelry in the Free Test Knitters forum. This scarf was a fun project.



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Wiggly Crochet

ImageYesterday I made this trivet – adapted from the free Wiggly Crochet pattern on I really like the way it turned out. I’ve been wanting to make something with a bit more substance to serve as a trivet, and I think this will work.

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Daily Prompt

“If you had to be involved in a movie, would you want to act, produce or direct?”

None of the above. The only involvement I want with a movie is to go watch it at the theater. I hate memorizing lines, and the other jobs look like too much work.

I’ll leave that stuff to the professionals.

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